Be sure to go over to Emelia Hartford's youtube channel and Instagram to see our kit in action! We recently laid down 1022 horsepower.
Our exclusive "x-pipe" really brings you a truly unique sound unlike any other twin turbo C8 out there!
Our intercooler is one like none other! We have many iterations developing this intercooler and we are proud to bring it to market! On the 1022 horsepower run, we only saw aircharge temps of up to 119 degrees F!
C8 Twin Turbo Kit For 2020+ Corvette

C8 Twin Turbo Kit For 2020+ Corvette

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The C8 is the pinnacle of combining performance, aesthetics, and quality. At Peitz Performance, we embraced that concept when setting out to design, build and produce our twin-turbo kit. We wanted to provide performance without compromising the comforts this platform provides, but still, give our customers the option to turn it up to ten if they see fit. We are proud of this kit and how it has turned out. We only hope you get to experience it first hand! For now, here is some more information to get your adrenaline pumping just a bit.


The kit utilizes twin Precision 62/66 mm turbos with ball bearings and mirrored technology as well as v band clamps on all orifices of the turbine housing. The "up pipes" which bolt to the factory cat location (factory catalytic converters are retained), run down and go from 3" to 2.5 inches so they can feed the turbine of the turbos exhaust gasses, which then, in turn, spins the turbine, which then, in turn, spins the impeller on the cold side or opposite side of the turbo which is located in the compressor housing. The up pipes are made from T304 stainless material sourced from Stainless Bros/Ticon Industries in Austin Texas. The downpipes are 3 inches and made from the same T304 stainless material and merge into our exclusive "x pipe" which creates a sound unique only to our kit, as most others dump the exhaust in the opposite direction, so you don't get the benefit of the scavenging from the x. More so the sound benefit. The exhaust then travels outward to the factory tip location using dual 2" diameter circular tips. 


Perhaps the biggest advantage of our kit is the intercooler design and cooling system. We spent countless hours and 20 or more revisions perfecting the air to water intercooler design to replicate and fit in the factory air box location which allows for an OE style fit, with no cutting required. To take it one step further, we designed and produced the heat exchanger for the air to water intercooler which installs into the driver side location where the additional radiator is located on the opposite side. We take advantage of the fan located there so you get almost no cutting required on the shroud to fit the heat exchanger. We also utilize an intercooler coolant pump from a 5th generation ZL1 to keep liquid flowing through the system as fast as possible. This cooling system requires no loss of the trunk or frunk space. You only lose the limited space required to mount the methanol reservoir. All of our systems include the intercooler, which we highly recommend with any forced induction application.


For tuning, we are using our exclusive "C8 Tuner" hardware and software package. This consists of two controllers and a harness which plug in line to factory sensors and gathers inputs to allow adjustments to ignition advance, torque management during paddle upshifts, and fueling via a methanol injection system (also controlled by the C8 Tuner). If you prefer to handle the tuning and additional fuel injection yourself, you can elect to purchase the "Pro Kit" which does not include a methanol injection system or the C8 Tuner package. The "Complete Kit" includes everything to install and run the car minus installation. If you prefer to have us install the kit, please see our packages portion of our website (more info in the next paragraph). The complete kit also includes tuning support after you complete installation and may need additional assistance dialing in the car with your altitude, specific needs, etc.


For packages, you have the choice between the Bravo or the Alpha package. The Bravo package provides UP TO an additional 200 horsepower and utilizes direct methanol injection controlled with our C8 Tuner software and hardware. The Bravo package also utilizes our clutch assembly co-designed with HCF Autosport in Austin, Texas (clutches may be sourced from Dodson Motorsports/Cicio Performance depending on availability). The Alpha package can provide UP TO a 600 horsepower gain via forged pistons and connecting rods from Manley, camshaft (tuning dependent), and valvetrain upgrades from Comp Cams.  A port injection fuel system is also utilized. The cylinder heads are also CNC ported by Hooper’s Heads. The short block is balanced, blueprinted, and assembled by the professionals over at Late Model Engines. To manage the horsepower, we use our in-house "C8 Tuner" to manage the factory ECU and an additional controller from either Motec, Holley, or Fuel Tech (depending on availability and specific customer requirements). For more information on the Bravo and Alpha packages, please see them on our website or contact us today at (832)370-0791 or


- Expect to have at least one diagnostic trouble code (DTC) for the time being. These codes WILL NOT affect how the car drives or performs.

- With a DTC active, your remote start may not work.

- Current lead time is roughly 6 weeks from the time you place your order due to limitations in obtaining raw materials and components necessary to build the kit (we are actively working on shortening this time!).

- If you purchase the Pro Kit, you will be responsible for obtaining the means necessary to manage the engine controller, shifting, etc.

- Shifting torque reduction is achieved through our C8 Tuner and the ignition controller when you activate the upshift paddle. 

- For wide-open throttle shifting with higher horsepower applications, you may be required to use the upshift paddle for optimal results until additional R&D is conducted for drive modes.

Other than that, we hope you enjoy your newfound power!

For anyone wanting more power gains yet, larger turbos are also available!